What began as a planned vacation to the Dominican Republic catalyzed into MACHUCA

our history

Through adversity emerged inspiration: an injury, once life-threatening, became the genesis. Amidst the healing, the Dominican spirit, its passion, respect, and soul, unveiled life’s true treasures: family, health, love, joy, music, food, and dance. Even amidst hospital corridors, the Dominican people uplifted our spirits, revealing profound meaning

With the news of recovery, a transformative vision dawned. Watching my fiancée rest that night sparked the creation of something remarkable. A vision not just to present unique products globally but to ignite inspiration, prove the power of positivity, and contribute to a better world for all. MACHUCA is a message to you; when you follow your heart and dreams with persistence, ANYTHING is possible


Joel Benjamin Goor

our story began on 2017

Mad Mood Milano Fashion week
Casa de Campo and Aura cap cana
Maserati, canada


The literal translation is "To mash", however; for the Caribbean (and soon the world) - it stands for everything positive: being yourself, passion, respect, trust, oneness, energy, all the good stuff