What began as a planned vacation to the Dominican Republic catalyzed into MACHUCA. Unfortunately, the circumstances set the starting point to be a bad and life threatening injury, however; that cloud soon turned into sunshine as the injury healed, and the inspiration imparted by the Dominican people and country remained. The Caribbean spirit, passion, respect, and soul took hold and showed us the truly important things in life, like :Family & Friends/Health/Love/Happiness/Music/Food/ Dancing. Even in the numerous hospital visits, our spirits were lifted by the people of the Republic. They understood the true meaning.

It was after receiving the final major positive medical news; that night, while watching my fiancee attempt to rest – I had a life-changing vision to create something special for the world that would serve many purposes – to showcase amazing & unique products to a global audience, to inspire others to follow their dreams & to show anything is possible with the right attitude, and to be able to give back to support people, communities and to make the world a better place, a lot. 

This is where MACHUCA starts

The literal translation of MACHUCA is “To Mash”, however; for the Caribbean (and soon the world) – it stands for everything positive: being yourself, passion, respect, trust, oneness, energy, all the good stuff


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