Welcome to the world of MACHUCA, where the Caribbean’s spirit meets the art of crafted rum. Born from a journey of resilience and inspiration.
MACHUCA is more than just a drink; it’s a reflection and embracement of life’s true pleasures, celebrating love, friendship, togetherness, living well and the vibrant essence of the Dominican heritage

                 Founder and President

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Crafted with a blend of ancient wisdom and modern expertise, embodies the warmth and passion of the Caribbean. From exclusive events to casual evenings, it’s a fusion of tradition and innovation, beckoning you to savor every moment

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of exclusivity

Finely crafted, versatile rum that can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or mixed into cocktails

a revolution of taste

Passion and Exotic Splendor


Visually stunning, the first sensory impression is made by its vivid, deep Ruby red color profile


A warm inviting island breeze with sweet rich wooden tones, hints of tropical fruits, vanilla, exotic spices and cinnamon-like presence with a subtle touch of anise and ginger


Peppery and spicy exotic flavors followed by a warm, soft, fruity sweetness. A light presence of pepper lingers, leaving a comforting warmth on the palate

Tasting Notes

“Flavors of toasted brown sugar, and a unique experience on the palate”

-San Francisco 2020

“Aromas of hibiscus tea, cinnamon and nutmeg. On the palate the spice lingers with nutmeg driving the finish. Well rounded and easy to drink”

-San Francisco 2021

“An aromatic and herbaceous pour, full of flavor and with a long finish”

-London 2021

MACHUCA's creation involves meticulous dedication, from conceptualization to refining the recipe, encompassing extensive research, travels, and consultations with seasoned experts. Our team, including a highly experienced Master Blender, combines ancient Caribbean elements with ingredients known for their health benefits, resulting in a unique and sophisticated recipe.

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FUSIONES embodies diversity and sophistication, reflecting our commitment to offering a multifaceted experience. Crafted in the Italian Toscana style, each cigar blends aged tobaccos and a curated array of flavors, including our signature rum infusion. These cigars harmonize soft, sweet fruit notes with familiar undertones, delivering an inviting and smooth smoke.

Loved by multitudes, they perfectly complement the occasion and flavor profile when enjoyed with a memorable MACHUCA cocktail, alone or with company

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