At MACHUCA, we believe in a three fold mentality that is the core of who and what we are. Those three pillars of our being consist of *enjoyment, creativity, and giving back. *To us, this means contributing luxurious unique products or services that makes life more enjoyable or a pleasantly remarkable experience, spurring innovation – whether it be in design or approach, and being able to help others get a proverbial leg up – in ways
ranging from showing love to new artists to humanitarian efforts.

We are more than just products, we are a BRAND. MACHUCA was created as a means to accomplish many goals, but all are aligned with providing the highest quality possible in every sense. Eventually, this will encompass many areas and many geographical locations. In fact, because of our corporate attitude, we have also adopted the mark,

We believe in working hard and playing hard, as such; we are extremely proud to bring our first offering to the people – the drink with our original name and original vision in mind, introducing MACHUCA. We have worked relentlessly to provide you a standalone beverage that embodies thepure passion and exotic nature of the Caribbean islands.

The literal translation of MACHUCA is “To Mash”, however; for the Caribbean (and soon the world) – it stands for everything positive: being yourself, passion, respect, trust, oneness, energy, all the good stuff


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